Tight has 2 meanings
1. What does tight mean?


Tight means roughly the same thing as sick, fresh, kewl, or wicked - which is to say, cool. However, tight is most often used to describe feats of skill. For example, an expert gamer or athlete's play might be called tight.

Before tight gained its more generic meaning of "awesome" or "cool," it was used to refer to a person or group performing with complete control. If you've ever heard the phrase "running a tight ship," you're familiar with tight's original meaning. In the world of music, when an orchestra's musicians are in perfect sync with one another, their performance is also referred to as tight.

Tight still retains some of its original meaning, which is why it is typically used to describe successful feats of skill. However, tight's meaning has loosened enough that anything "cool," such as a car, article of clothing, or party, can also be called tight.


That snowboard 720 was tight!

Saying "that's tight" is the same as saying "that's awesome"

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Updated March 16, 2021
2. What does tight mean?


Tight can mean "close" in multiple contexts. For example, when used in regard to people, tight means two (or more) people know each other well and care about each other.

However, tight can also describe "close" situations. For example, if you just barely arrived on time for an appointment, you could tell your SO "it was tight, but I made it." Or, as another example, if you manage to win a close game of LOL, you could tell your opponents "tight game, wp."


We've been tight since we were little

BFFs often say they're tight

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Updated January 25, 2022

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