1. What does boss mean?

Main bad character

A term for the main bad guy or gal that you have to beat before you can move forward in a game.

A boss is a more challenging character that requires more strategy than the other less significant characters on the level. For most video games, each level has a different boss at the end that must be defeated in order to complete the level.


You're still on level 12?
Yeah, this boss is so frustrating, I can't beat him!

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Updated September 30, 2015
2. What does boss mean?

Awesome person

A term that does not mean a literal boss in the workplace, but slang for someone who is really impressive; has a positive connotation, unlike someone who is "bossy."


That guy is such a boss. He's won three tournaments in a row now

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Updated October 6, 2014
3. What does boss mean in card games?

Winning card

In card games, "boss" refers to a card that trumps other cards and is considered a winning card. It is most often used in Bridge, a trick-taking card game that utilizes a 52-card deck.

The term is similar to a real-life boss whose authority outranks everyone else's in a company. It is also similar to the "excellent" or "great" definition of boss, which refers to how excellent game-winning cards are.

In Bridge, part of the gameplay involves playing cards to win tricks. In this context, the highest-ranked card takes the trick (ace is the highest, then king, queen, jack, ten, and down to 2).

If there is a trump suit in a deal, cards in that suit automatically take the deal and are considered boss. If another card of that suit is played, the highest card (starting with ace, then descending) is boss. In these cases, the player may just place his cards on the table and declare "they are all boss" in order to save time.


No need to waste time, I got the boss

Looking at your boss hand

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Updated February 23, 2021

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