What is pld short for?


Pld is an abbreviation for "played," like when you've played a game. It may also mean "got played," which means to get fooled or tricked.

Most people use pld when texting or messaging online. If they use it in the context of playing a game, they may be referring to a board game or sporting competition. For example, you might ask a teammate how the team played when you were gone, and he texts, "They pld great and we won by 10!"

However, people may also use it in reference to being fooled by someone. For example, your devastated friend may say, "My gf pld me! I can't believe it!"


I've already pld on this map 3 times tonight, let's try a different one
Alright. Let's play the warehouse map

When you get pld like a fiddle

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Updated January 11, 2023

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