Love Bomber

What is a love bomber?

A person who uses excessive acts to secure a relationship

Is your new SO showering you with praise and gifts? Are they demanding all your time and already telling you you're the one? Then watch out, because you may be dating a love bomber.

Love bombers use an over-the-top barrage of romantic gestures to secure their partner's affection and attention. Then, when the love bomber feels they've locked things up, they turn off the faucet of love. Relationships that begin with love bombing often turn difficult and abusive later, after the love bomber believes they've "claimed" you and no longer needs to make an effort.

Some signs of love bombing

While love bombing can take a variety of forms, some common telltale signs include:

  • Receiving many lavish gifts early in a relationship
  • Constantly getting sent text or chat "check-ins"
  • Being made to feel guilty for spending time apart
  • Early pronouncements that you and your partner are soulmates
  • Pressure to commit to the relationship


Dude, she's a total love bomber. She doesn't actually like you; she just wants a boytoy
Cosmo calling out a famous love bomber
Cosmo calling out a famous love bomber

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Updated February 17, 2022

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