Side Chick

What is a side chick?

A mistress

A side chick is a woman intimately linked to a person already in a committed relationship. For example, people may refer to a married man's girlfriend as his side chick.

"Side chick" is an instance of AAVE that became popular through hip hop in the 2000s and 2010s. People who use side chick also refer to a guy's established girlfriend or wife as his "main chick." And since the girl he is seeing is not his main chick, she is on the side, much like a side of fries to a burger.

Side chicks may or may not know that their partner is in a relationship. Women who know their partner is in a relationship may think he will eventually leave his main chick or just like spending time with him and don't care if he is a cheater.

Side chick is just one of many slang terms for a mistress, with some others being homewreckers, hoes, and THOT.


She found out about his side chick and finally left his sorry self
Close call with a side chick on Instagram
Close call with a side chick on Instagram

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Updated May 9, 2022

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