What does pocketing mean when dating?

Dating a person you are uncertain about

Pocketing is when you date a person that you like but are unsure about to commit on a deeper level. For example, you may like spending time with the person but are not willing to introduce them to your family because you are unsure if there is a long-term future with them.

If you are the one doing the pocketing, you are putting the other person on standby because of one or more red flags. The pocketed person may not be good at keeping a job, be a habitual liar, or just not provide that "spark." When you place them in your "pocket," you give yourself more time to make a decision about them and/or meet someone better.

If you are the person being pocketed, you are most likely unaware of the red flags you have displayed or are working on them but have not shown enough signs of progress. Or, maybe you just don't want to change and want the pocketing person to accept you for who you are.

It's very frustrating to be pocketed by another person. You are being told (directly or indirectly) that you are not worthy enough to invest in and take that next step in the relationship, like starting an exclusive relationship, meeting their friends and parents, moving in together, or getting married.


Sara is still unsure about Dylan so she's pocketing him and dating Keenan on the side

That uncertain feeling that leads to pocketing

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Updated October 27, 2021

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