1. What does IMHO stand for?

In my humble opinion

When someone wants to offer their opinion but not seem pushy, they may use IMHO to mean "in my humble opinion." This acronym is quite common, so you're likely to encounter it across the web - including in forums, on social media, and in chat messages.

For example, if you were to create a Reddit post entitled "Who is the best superhero?," a Redditor may begin their response with "IMHO, it's Spider-Man." This means that, in the respondent's opinion, Spider-Man is the best superhero.

However, in contrast to those issuing hot takes, those who preface their opinions with IMHO are usually willing to consider others' opinions and admit when they're wrong. An IMHO opinion is someone's current best, honest opinion - but it may not be their final one.


IMHO, I think you should invest in an electric lawnmower. They're much quieter and easier to use
IMHO means "in my humble opinion"
IMHO means "in my humble opinion"

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Updated January 5, 2022
2. What does IMHO stand for?

In my honest opinion

IMHO is another way of saying, "Honestly, what I think is..." People may also use IMHO to mean "In my humble opinion," which is the more common variation of the "IMHO" acronym.

You will most likely see IMHO online, especially on social media where everyone has an opinion and texting. The acronym helps convey a sincere idea, which can make stressful discussions more cordial.

An example of when you might use IMHO includes when discussing covid vaccines with anti-vaxxers on social media. Or, you might use it when discussing whether MJ or LeBron is the GOAT.


IMHO, I think the previous car model looks better than the new one

About to use IMHO...

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Updated December 1, 2021

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