What does IMPOV stand for?

In my point of view

IMPOV is a shortened version of "in my point of view" used to precede a statement originating from a person's perspective. It is similar to the more common "IMO" and "IMHO" acronyms.

The acronym helps express an opinion from your own perspective, especially in places where discussions take place, like forums, social media, and text convos. In addition, it helps defuse tense situations by emphasizing that the opinion is coming from your own experience instead of an end-all, be-all statement.

An example of when you might use IMPOV is discussing politics with your family in a group text. Or, you might use the acronym when you challenge a person on Twitter who just tweeted their top ten movies.


Well IMPOV, raspberry truffle is the best kind of ice cream ever!

Reaction to a strong IMPOV

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Updated December 1, 2021

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