What does IMBO stand for online?

In my biased opinion

IMBO stands for "in my biased opinion." You're most likely to encounter this acronym in forums and online chat, when someone who knows they are biased is sharing their opinion on a topic.

For example, in a forum thread discussing Windows 11, a Microsoft employee may post "IMBO, Windows 11 is a big upgrade. There are some bugs to work out, but it's definitely better than Windows 10." By including IMBO in their post, the Microsoft employee has acknowledged that they are biased toward promoting Windows 11.

When someone uses IMBO to admit they are biased, they are likely hoping that you will disregard that bias (at least somewhat). In that person's mind, their opinion is valid, even though they are biased.


IMBO, Popeye's chicken sandwich is the best
You would say that; you work for them

A woman who is about to use IMBO

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Updated November 28, 2023

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