What is pro-ana?

Pro anorexia

Pro-ana is when someone explicitly or implicitly promotes anorexia. People may exhibit pro-ana behavior in real life or online, especially on social media, forums, and websites.

Examples of pro-ana things people say or do include posting thinspiration images on Instagram or sharing tips for "cutting corners" on meals on their fitness websites. Anyone may spread pro-ana sentiment, although young women in their teens and 20s are often the main demographic.

Is pro-ana bad?

Most people, including doctors and parents, consider pro-ana perspectives troubling because of the health effect they incur. Other concerning body-related terms and trends include ribcage bragging, thigh gap, and bikini bridge.

You may also see anorexia shortened as "proana" or "ana," especially among people struggling with the eating disorder.


Hanna is sounding pro-ana lately
Yeah, I'm starting to worry about her

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Updated October 4, 2022

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