What does thinspiration mean?

Inspiration to be thin

Thinspiration is inspiration aimed at encouraging people (mainly women) to lose weight to become thin. The motivation may take many forms, including pictures, videos, memes, and personal stories.

You will most likely find thinspiration on social media, especially among influencers that implicitly and explicitly churn it out. Various body-related trends can be categorized as thinspiration, including ribcage bragging, thigh gaps, and bikini bridges.

Is thinspiration wrong?

Most health experts are critical of thinspiration content because it encourages an unhealthy and unattainable (for most people) standard. Instead, they would point you to fitspiration, which focuses on getting people physically fit, not thin.


I can't stand all of this thinspiration she's pushing
Agreed. I had to unfollow her
Thinspiration tweet
Thinspiration tweet

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Updated October 4, 2022

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