What does PSP stand for in gaming?

PlayStation Portable

Gamers often refer to the PlayStation Portable as the PSP. This handheld gaming console was Sony's first real competitor to Nintendo's Game Boy and Nintendo DS devices.

In addition to playing video games, the PSP could play songs, movies, and other multimedia. Users could download games and other content from Sony's PSP store, or they could purchase game and movie discs from retailers.

After a ten-year run, Sony officially retired the PSP in 2014. It was succeeded by the PlayStation Vita, which somehow did not become known by the acronym PSV (maybe to avoid confusion with the inevitable PS5).


Remember the PSP? Now that was a sweet handheld
The Switch might be the only one that's better
A gamer nostalgic for the PSP
A gamer nostalgic for the PSP

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Updated March 29, 2023

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