What does pubstomp mean in online gaming?

To annihilate an uncoordinated opposing team

When a group of coordinated, competent players who know each other annihilates an uncoordinated, randomly-assembled team in an online game, the coordinated team's victory is referred to as a pubstomp. Pubstomping occurs in many online, team-based games, including League of Legends (LoL), StarCraft2 (sc2), Fortnite, and Overwatch.

For a true pubstomping to occur, a full, coordinated team of players must be matched against a randomly-assembled team of players on a public server. The coordinated team must then "stomp" the "pubs," using their superior tactics and teamwork to decisively defeat the team of randos.

Many players decry pubstompers as tryhards who ruin what are supposed to be casual games played with Internet strangers. Some pubstompers, however, are simply friends who want to play games together and just happen to be good enough to regularly pwn noobs.


I'm done playing Rocket League. Every time I play on a random team, we get pubstomped
One Reddit user's feelings about pubstompers
One Reddit user's feelings about pubstompers

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Updated November 18, 2020

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