What is a quant?

Quantitative analyst

A quant is a "quantitative analyst." These math geeks generate complex mathematical and statistical models and use those models to make predictions about financial markets.

Most quants are employed by finance firms, investment banks, insurance companies, and hedge funds. These deep-pocketed companies can gain (and avoid losing) a lot of money by successfully analyzing the flurry of financial data now available to investors. That's where quants come in.

Quants are trained mathematicians and statisticians who also have knowledge of complex financial concepts. Using these skills, quants design models that (at least theoretically) allow firms to reduce their financial risk and increase their financial gains. Quants are currently in high demand, though they still do not command the same (exorbitant) salaries as other Wall Street bigwigs.


The quants have cranked out another algo that they think will reduce our risk by roughly 5%
Great, implement it ASAP
Quant means "quantitative analyst"
Quant means "quantitative analyst"

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Updated February 24, 2021

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