What is algo short for?


Hip mathematicians, computer scientists, and data analysts might shorten the word algorithm to "algo." Social media users and Internet pundits may also use algo in place of algorithm, often to describe the algorithms used by search engines and social media platforms.

An algorithm is a sequence of instructions a computer can use to complete a task. These days, the most well-known algorithms are those that Internet-based content platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, use to automagically retrieve and show content to users.

However, algorithms can be used for a near-infinite amount of purposes. For example, many day traders use algorithms to automatically trawl and place trades based on stock market-related data. As more and more data becomes easily accessible over the Internet, algos' prevalence will only continue to increase.


I created an algo that looks for mentions of the McRib on Reddit, and then I put it in an app that sends me a text when McRibs are back. I'll never miss out on McRibs again
A user who cracked Facebook's algos
A user who cracked Facebook's algos

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Updated February 24, 2021

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