1. What is stats short for?


Stats refers to the mathematical field of collecting and analyzing data. It is short for "statistics" and is present in many walks of life, ranging from tracking product sales to analyzing the production of a professional athlete.

For example, you may hear people discussing stats, see stats posted online, or read stats in articles. You may even take a course about stats in college.

Many people discuss stats while talking about sports and other forms of competition. For example, in fantasy football, you may analyze a running back's stats from previous years when deciding whether or not to draft him. Or, when choosing your team in an online game, you may compare players' stats to see who best fits your needs.


Did you see Jefferson's stats from the last 2 years?
Yeah, he's gonna explode in the new offense this year

Calculating those stats

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Updated June 13, 2022
2. What does it mean when someone asks for your stats?

Personal profile information

When a person asks you for your "stats" online, they are asking for your age, gender, and where you live. People often use stats as an alternative to the common ASL acronym.

Since people use stats to collect personal information, you should always be wary of giving it out online. For example, if you begin messaging someone in a chatroom or privately on social media and they ask you for your stats, you should probably decline to share them.


24, Male, California, u?

You may be sharing your stats with this guy; be careful

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Updated June 13, 2022

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