What is a rightist in politics?

A person with radical right-wing political views

A rightist is a person who has radical views on the right side of the political spectrum. There is a lot of variation in "Rightism," but some of the main principles include anti-government (especially a national government), anti-communism, free-market economic competition, integration of the practices of an established religion into the government, and nationalism.

The idea of "Right" and "Left" political beliefs comes from the French Revolution in the late-1700s. The labels corresponded with where conservatives and liberals were seated in the French Estates General (a legislative assembly).

In modern American politics, the term is primarily used to refer to radical conservatives in the Republican party. It is often interchanged with "conservatism" but is distinctly different. Rightists are traditionalists that combat social progress and are known to be anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-feminism.

A rightist is on the opposite end of the political spectrum of a "Leftist." You may see the term on social media during the election season or in political news articles and blogs, however, it is not nearly as common as the "Leftist" label. Rightism is often referred to as the "Alt-right," which is short for "Alternative right."


All these rightists sharing Breitbart videos makes me sick
You are just intolerant of other people's views
Disillusioned Twitter use sick of Rightist and Leftist politics
Disillusioned Twitter use sick of Rightist and Leftist politics

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Updated November 10, 2020

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