What does ratioed mean on Twitter?

Receiving many more replies than likes on your tweet

Ratioed is when your tweet gets a disproportionately high number of replies and retweets compared to likes. It is not a good thing because it indicates that a lot of people are disagreeing with what you said instead of liking it.

The term gained popularity in 2017 as a way to label a tweet as universally disliked by other Twitter users. The name comes from the actual definition of ratio in mathematics but specifically describes the relationship between comments and retweets to likes.

Since ratioed has such a negative connotation, it has become another way to say that a person has been owned or dommed. For example, when a person makes a great argument that destroys a person's stance, he ratioed him. It has also become a challenge on Twitter where people post a reply to someone's tweet in hopes of getting a lot more likes than the original tweet.

While the term is primarily used on Twitter, you may also see it on other social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, when comments vastly outnumber the likes for a post.


Wow, her tweet about the president got ratioed hard
When your tweet gets ratioed real hard
When your tweet gets ratioed real hard

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Updated December 30, 2020

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