What is Reddiquette on Reddit?

Reddit ettiquette

Reddiquette is the etiquette appropriate for Reddit, a news, web forum, and social media platform. It combines the words "Reddit" and "etiquette" and is a list of suggestions that reflect the values of the majority of Redditors.

Unfortunately, some Redditors find it difficult to be civil on the platform. They might be rude, have a terrible temper, trolling, or just want to watch the world burn (e.g., The Joker).

Some examples of poor Reddiquette include:

  • Engaging in illegal activity
  • Trolling or encouraging other users to troll
  • Insulting other users
  • Mass downvoting other users' posts
  • Re-posting removed content
  • Posting hoaxes
  • Asking for upvotes
  • Report posts just because you do not enjoy them


Nate got suspended from commenting for poor Reddiquette
What a dummy
IKR? He deserved it
Redditiquette mention on Reddit
Redditiquette mention on Reddit

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Updated August 16, 2022

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