What is a ninjaedit on Reddit?

A quick edit to your post

A ninjaedit is when you edit a comment you just posted on Reddit quickly enough that the site does not display an asterisk (*) next to it to mark it as revised. The name comes from the stealthy swiftness associated with ninjas. People may use ninjaedit as a noun or a verb.

You might need to make a ninjaedit to your comment for many reasons. For example, if you comment in a thread then quickly realize you included a typo, you might make a ninjaedit. Other reasons why you might perform a ninjaedit include when you leave out important information, realize it is confusing, or discover that you included something offensive.

There's nothing wrong with editing a comment, but some Redditors prefer to have a clean comment, so others won't think they later changed its content. Also, Redditors can edit a comment, but not a title.


I made a ninjaedit to my comment cause I misspelled her name
Reddit ninjaedit
Reddit ninjaedit

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Updated August 16, 2022

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