What is a regram?

To share another Instagrammer's post

Regram is when an Instagrammer shares a post by another user on their timeline, in a story, or direct message (DM). Regramming allows users to share new content with their followers while crediting the user who originally posted it.

Regramming content is similar to retweeting content on Twitter. You can regram various ways on Instagram, including taking screenshots of other users' posts and re-posting them on your timeline or sharing them directly within the app in your stories or DMs.

No matter how you regram, giving credit to the original poster (OP) is essential. For example, many people put a credit in their post to tag the user and insert "#regram" in the description.

Regram as a noun

People may also use regram as a noun to refer to a regrammed post. For example, you might tell your friend that you laughed so hard at the regram they posted the other night.


That meme you regrammed is incredible
IKR? She's one of my fav follows
@goodburgerpopup regram
@goodburgerpopup regram

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Updated September 13, 2022

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