RT has 2 meanings
1. What is rt short for?


RT is an abbreviation used on Twitter when re-posting another user's tweet. It contains the user ID (prefaced by the "@" symbol) of the person that originally tweeted the topic as well as the topic itself.

Retweets are an easy way to spread a message because when you a RT a tweet it is posted to all your followers, which can then continue the RT to their followers. This is especially helpful for news stories to get the word out quickly about a current situation. However, it also makes it easy for inaccurate information to spread, which can lead to confusion.


RT @userid Fun things to do on vacation!
First ever tweet with the RT symbol highlighted
First ever tweet with the RT symbol highlighted

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Updated November 3, 2016
2. What does RT stand for re: events?


When discussing live events, streaming video, or computer operations, RT might stand for "real-time." For example, a friend discussing a concert being broadcast on TV may say, "yeah, they're showing it in RT; should be fun."

In reference to computer operations, RT refers to events or functions that a computer processes instantaneously (or close enough to not matter). For example, gaming computers' graphics cards render video game graphics in RT, to ensure gamers don't see a delay during gameplay.


I found a site that streams the games in RT ... it's less than legal though
Don't care; send me the link

Graphics rendered in RT

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Updated June 20, 2023

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