What does RET mean in fantasy football?

Kick or punt returner

In fantasy football, RET is a position filled by a player that returns kicks and punts for a team. It is a rare position that some non-standard leagues employ to add another scoring option. It may also appear as a statistic category for the Defense and Special Teams (DST) position.

A returner may score points for a fantasy team in several ways, including yards gained and touchdowns scored. However, they may also lose points for a fantasy team if they fumble a kick or punt.

You will only have a RET position if you do not have a DST position since there would be an overlap of players. The league may include a DEF position, but it is unnecessary and depends on how other teams and the commissioner want to configure rosters.


My RET hasn't helped me all year
Me neither. It's a hard position to predict

Kickoff RET

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Updated January 25, 2023

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