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1. What does WR stand for?

World record

WR means world record. It is a statistics acronym used to refer to a feat that qualifies as best in the world.

WR commonly appears during the Olympics to display the current world record that an athlete will attempt to beat. A world record is only legitimate if it is ratified by the Internation Association of Athletics Federations. There is a variety of criteria that must be met for a world record including standards for equipment used during an attempt, drug testing immediately after a performance, and photo finish automatic timing.


Wow, he just set the WR in 6 different events, amazing!

Usain Bolt after setting a WR

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Updated July 7, 2016
2. What does WR stand for?

Wide receiver

WR is a football acronym for wide receiver, which is an offensive position. The wide receiver is mainly used to catch passes from the QB but may also run the ball or block for other players.

A WR usually lines up on the line of scrimmage but is spread wide over the width of the field from the QB. When the ball is snapped the WR runs a route so the QB can throw the ball to him. WRs are able to gain a large amount of yards and usually the ones who score the "explosive" TDs when far away from the end zone. Some famous WRs include Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Michael Irvin, Tim Brown, Lynn Swan, and Steve Largent.


My fav WR has to be Cris Carter bc of all his one handed catches.

WR Cris Carter making some great catches

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Updated October 19, 2016
3. What does WR stand for?

Win ratio

A poker term that tracks whether a player wins or loses money over time.


I've decided to go for higher stakes play because my WR is getting better.

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Updated August 6, 2014

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