What does rizz mean?


When you have a lot of romantic charisma, you have a lot of "rizz." People primarily use it to describe a guy's natural ability to pick up women (also called "game").

Where did rizz come from?

Kai Cenat, a YouTube and Twitch influencer, coined the term in 2021 to describe a guy's skills to impress women. It has since become popular on TikTok, where users post vids showing off their rizz. Furthermore, when a guy can attract women based solely on his looks, without any macking, he has unspoken rizz.

How do I use rizz?

You can use rizz whenever you describe a person's ability to flirt. For example, when your buddy flirts with a girl at the bar and gets her number, you might say he has some impressive rizz. On the flip side, when someone is terrible at flirting, you might say he has no rizz at all.


You better go save your boy from that shawty over there. It looks like his rizz has run out
Rizz on TikTok
Rizz on TikTok

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Updated May 4, 2022

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