Unspoken Rizz

What is unspoken rizz?

Nonverbal charm

Unspoken rizz is the attractiveness a person exudes without speaking a word. It may be their physical attractiveness, the status they project (clothes they wear, the car they drive, etc.), or how they carry themselves.

Kai Cenat, a social media influencer, created the rizz term in 2021 to describe a guy's skills to impress women (it can be the other way around, too). Cenat also took rizz one step further that same year when he coined "unspoken rizz" to refer to a guy's ability to attract women without spitting any game.

Unspoken rizz trend

On TikTok, users began posting videos to show off their unspoken rizz with unsuspecting ladies. Users would then grade players' unspoken rizz with a "W" (win = success) or an "L" (loss = failure). While some of them appear to be legitimate, many of the videos feature scripted encounters.


Mark's got that unspoken rizz the ladies can't resist
Yeah, it often kicks in after they see his Ferrari
Unspoken rizz tweet
Unspoken rizz tweet

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Updated September 21, 2022

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