What is a rizzler?

A person with immense charisma

A rizzler is a person who has a lot of rizz (which is synonymous with charm and charisma). Primarily, Gen Alpha uses this term to refer to men who are skilled at picking up women. For example, on social media, others may refer to a man as "the Rizzler" after he posts about scoring a hot date.

If you're a Batman fan, you've likely already guessed that rizzler is a take on Riddler, the name of a popular Batman villain. In some fans' minds, the Riddler's got mad rizz, making the association between the two easy. Other rizz-related nicknames include The Rizzard of Oz, Rizzly Bear, and Mike Rizzowski.


Why do girls always fall over themselves to talk to you?
What can I say? It's good to be the rizzler
The OG Rizzler
The OG Rizzler

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Updated October 19, 2023

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