What does ROFLMAOQWERTY stand for?

Rolling on floor laughing my a** off at the keyboard


ROFLMAOQWERTY is a ridiculously long extension of the ROFLMAO acronym (which is a combination of the ROFL and LMAO acronyms). People typically use it when at their QWERTY keyboard and laughing incredibly hard.

For example, if you are messaging other users in a forum and someone shares a hilarious meme, you might reply, "That is AMAZING. ROFLMAOQWERTY!!" Or, you might be DMing with your crush, and you share a funny story, prompting them to reply with, "roflmaoqwerty. u r so funn


ROFLMAOQWERTY! Thx for sending me that video
I knew you'd like it!

ROFLMAO after sitting at the QWERTY keyboard

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Updated November 7, 2023

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