What does ROFLMRO stand for?

Rolling on the floor laughing my rear off

ROFLMRO is a somewhat more tame version of ROFLMAO that stands for "rolling on the floor laughing my rear off." People often use it in texts, but you also may see it online in messages and on social media.

Of course, ROFLMRO is hyperbolic. You are not actually rolling around on the floor laughing so hard that your rear will detach from your body. However, it does convey that you are laughing really hard.

While ROFLMRO is long and ineffective at saving time or space, you can still use it for responding to hilarious videos, stories, and memes. For example, if you share a meme about procrastinating with your friend, they may respond with "ROFLMRO! That's hilarious!"


Check out this vid from yesterday when Jason fell off the dock

Laughing your rear and shirt off

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Updated October 24, 2022

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