Chingo has 2 meanings
1. What does chingo mean?

A lot


In Spanish, chingo is a slang term that means "a lot" or, more accurately and vulgarly, "a f***load." Derived from the verb chingar, which means "to f***," chingo does not carry a sexual connotation. The term is used simply to denote that someone possesses an overwhelming amount of something, such as a "chingo de gatos," "chingo de dinero," or "chingo de trabajo por hacer."

However, you probably still shouldn't use the term chingo among polite company who understand Spanish or Spanish slang. While the term itself is only mildly vulgar, the verb it is derived from is often used to describe intense situations. Notably, you might not want to talk about how much chingo you know in front of Spanish-speaking nerds, as they're likely to either laugh at you or stare in disbelief.


Nosotros tenemos un chingo de nieve esta mañana. No puedo mover mi carro

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Updated October 20, 2020
2. What is chingo short for?

Chat lingo

In English, chingo is short for "chat lingo." It refers to slang, acronyms, and abbreviations used in online chat - many of which you can learn about on this site!

Some examples of common chingo include:


I am still trying to learn a lot of the chingo my friends use online

Chatting online requires knowing some chingo

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Updated December 10, 2020

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