What does RTFMM mean in forums?

Read the flippin' manual, moron


RTFMM is an extension of the commonly used "RTFM," but more derogatory. People typically use it to communicate that a person can find the answers to their questions in a manual of some sort (like technical instructions for hardware or software).

For example, if someone asks a question about a Smart TV in an online forum you know is addressed in the manual, you might say, "RTFMM. The answers are all there." Or, you might text your friend to playfully reply to a DAQ of his, "RTFMM. That's all I can say. ;)"

People usually reserve RTFMM for when they are frustrated. For example, a person has perhaps asked the same question many times or has asked a self-evident question. However, people don't only use it when annoyed; they may also use it in jest to joke with friends.


The answer is in the first chapter of the documentation. RTFMM
Sorry. Will do

That unamused RTFMM feeling

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Updated August 14, 2023

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