What does RTFS mean in programming forums?

Read the flippin' source


RTFS is the computer programmer's version of RTFM. It implies that you can find the answer to a question by reading the program's source code (hopefully, the code is commented well).

For example, if a beginner software developer asks you a question about the code in an app you developed and you know it's easy to find within the code, you might reply with, "RTFS! You will find the answer there. :)". Since RTFS is direct, most people use it with people they know and in a somewhat playful tone. However, some people may use RTFS because they are grumpy or don't have the time or energy to be delicate.


RTFS and you will see just how inefficiently the program is written
Ugh, not looking forward to that. ;)

Programmer who's probably been told RTFS

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Updated July 12, 2023

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