What does JFGI stand for?

Just flippin' Google it


Have you been asking someone a lot of esoteric questions? If so, that may be why you received JFGI (just flippin' Google it) in a chat, email, or forum message. This acronym is a reminder that, yeah, Google exists, and it has answers to most of your questions.

However! Sometimes Googling something returns weird and/or inaccurate results. Other times, you may just want to get information from an actual human being instead of a computer. So if someone tells you to JFGI, and you feel that your question is best asked and answered person-to-person, don't be afraid to push back.


Why are you asking me? JFGI
I thought you might have a better answer
JFGI means "just flippin' Google it"
JFGI means "just flippin' Google it"

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Updated October 19, 2021

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