Went Off

What does went off mean?

Angrily complained

Went off is the past tense version of "Go off" and is another way to say "Angrily complained" or "Freaked out." It refers to a tantrum a person threw in-person or online, most likely on social media.

The phrase became popular in the early-2000s and comes from how explosions "go off" and obliterate nearby objects. The person who went off is like a bomb whose fuse runs out and explodes into a fit. The phrase may also come from the disaster that follows a train when it goes off the rails.

There are many reasons why a person may go off. They may be a celebrity that is constantly trolled online, they may be a "Karen" that feels entitled to a parking space, or may have just received and bad news and is emotionally melting down.


I can't believe mom went off on that flight attendant about her peanuts
Yeah, that was embarrassing

Aaaaand he went off

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Updated October 14, 2020

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