What state does sconnie refer to?


Sconnie is a term people may use as a noun or adjective to describe things related to Wisconsin (it comes from the middle four letters of the state name). For example, sconnie may be a person from the state (as in "Wisconsinite") or something that reflects its culture (like a love of football and dairy).

An instance in which you might use sconnie in real life (IRL) includes if your new neighbors are from Wisconsin, you might tell your wife, "Hey honey! I just found out the new neighbors are sconnies!" Or, if you are floating on a lake in Wisconsin while eating cheese curds and bratwurst, you might post a pic on Instagram with the caption, "I love this sconnie life!"

Origin of sconnie

The origin of the slang term "sconnie" is unclear, although it dates back to the 1980s (at least) to the University of Wisconsin (UW) in Madison. It has since become a source of pride for some sconnies, including UW Badgers fans.

However, residents from neighboring states (Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois) may use it as an insult. For example, a Chicago Bears fan may say, "I can't stand all these sconnies celebrating in our stadium" after the Packers beat them.


I can't believe I'm becoming a sconnie when we move in May
You've finally seen the wrongs of your ways as an Iowan and are about to enter the promised land

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Updated April 17, 2023

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