What does SE stand for?

Super effective

SE means super effective. It is an acronym that describes an attack by a Pokémon that results in a lot of damage on an opponent. It is the opposite of the NVE acronym.

Pokémon are fictional creatures used by human trainers to battle each other for competition. In a fight, Pokémon take turns attacking each other with different moves like focus energy, growl, leer, mirror move, smog, tackle, and thunder punch. These moves have differing effectiveness based on the Pokémon type that is attacking and the type that is defending.


He used his best move on me but it was NVE so I countered with water gun, which was SE
Pikachu using a super effective move on Slowbro
Pikachu using a super effective move on Slowbro

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Updated July 12, 2016

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