What does SDIHTT stand for?

Someday I'll have the time

SDIHTT stands for "someday I'll have the time," which is typically used to lament how you never have enough time to do something specific, or in general.

It is typically used by people who are too busy, such as moms and people devoted to their careers. These people focus so much on the tasks ahead of them that they miss out on things they want to do.

SDIHTT is not a well-known acronym and somewhat long so be careful who you use it with because it may just confuse them. Also, it is kind of a depressing acronym because if you keep saying, "someday," it might never happen. So get out there and make that "someday" today.


SDIHTT to take a vacation in the Bahamas, but it won't be for awhile
SDIHTT means
SDIHTT means Someday I'll have the time

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Updated January 20, 2021

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