Sending Me

What does sending me mean?

Making me laugh

When something makes you laugh, you may comment that it is "sending me." For example, you may laugh at a hilarious meme, then share it on Twitter and post, "This is sending me!"

The "sending me" phrase gained popularity in the late-2010s on social media, but the origin of the phrase is unclear. It alludes to something or someone sending you into a state of laughter because of something they said, did, etc.

For example, a favorite stand-up comic may send you with every special. Or a random picture of a pug with a sad expression may be sending you because of its absurdity.

Alternative uses of sending me

People may also say that something is sending them when it excites them or makes them feel good. For example, a Star Wars fan may share fan art of Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Ben Solo reunited and say, "Maybe I'm emo, but this is sending me so hard."


I dunno why but this video is sending me. I can't stop laughing
Tweet about a meme sending a person
Tweet about a meme sending a person

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Updated February 17, 2022

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