What does sewerslide mean on social media?


Social media users often replace the word "suicide" with sewerslide. This allows them to discuss suicide while (at least theoretically) bypassing social media platforms' automated content filters, which may flag or hide posts that mention suicide.

TikTok and Instagram users, especially, use the word sewerslide in place of suicide. Sewerslide is just one example of these platforms' algospeak, which are slang terms used specifically to bypass content filters. On these platforms, you may also see sewerslide used as part of the phrase "Kermit sewerslide," which means "commit suicide."


I can't believe he tried to Kermit sewerslide
Instagram hides posts that use the #sewerslide hashtag
Instagram hides posts that use the #sewerslide hashtag

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Updated January 11, 2023

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