What does unalive mean on TikTok?

To kill

On TikTok, users often use "unalive" as a substitute for "kill" when talking about death or suicide. TikTokers started using the term primarily to avoid detection from TikTok censorship, but some use it not to trigger those dealing with or contemplating suicide.

It's unclear who first began using unalive as a synonym for kill and death, but it gained traction on TikTok in 2021. Mostly Gen Zers use it as a way to discuss death and suicide on the platform, whether it be sincerely or jokingly.

For example, a TikToker may post a serious video encouraging those struggling with depression not to "unalive themselves." Or, a TikToker may jokingly post a hyperbolic video about how they will "commit unalive" if their celebrity crush starts dating someone.


I am going to unalive myself if you don't come to the party
Whoa, not cool to joke about. I'm coming
Gen Zer making a humorous unalive TikTok
Gen Zer making a humorous unalive TikTok

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Updated November 22, 2022

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