What does SINK stand for online?

Single income, no kids

While most people think of a kitchen basin when they see "SINK," it also is an acronym that stands for "single income, no kids." People often use SINK online on social media, forums, and in news articles to describe single people or couples living on one income with no kids.

Many young working people fall into the SINK lifestyle, but older people may also. Additionally, SINK couples consist of one who works and the other who doesn't (possibly because they are disabled, pampered, or lazy).

SINK is one of many acronyms that describes people's economic situations and lifestyles. Some others include OINK, DINK, and if they have a dog: DINKWAD, SINKWAD, and OINKWAD.


I'm just a SINK looking for someone to share my life with and become a DINK
Totes adorbs. Me too!
SINK confessional tweet
SINK confessional tweet

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Updated April 4, 2023

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