What does SINBAD stand for on social media?

Single income no boyfriend absolutely desperate

Social media users and marketers use SINBAD to stand for "single income no boyfriend absolutely desperate." Most often, this acronym describes a single, working woman who craves a BF.

Marketers use SINBAD to describe a target demographic to which they can attempt to sell various related products, such as "Chocolates for the Unloved" or "Dating Advice for the Overworked Woman." On social media and dating apps, you may see some self-professed SINBADs use the acronym in their profiles. (Which is sure a choice.)


Did you see Shauna updated her profile to SINBAD today? I think that comes across as a bit TOO desperate
A marketer explaining what SINBAD means
A marketer explaining what SINBAD means

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Updated February 1, 2023

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