Sleep Divorce

What is sleep divorce?

A couple sleeping in separate beds

Sleep divorce is when a couple sleeps in separate beds and, usually, in different rooms. The sleep divorce is typically not a result of relationship issues but instead comes from the pursuit of better sleep (and better attitudes the following day).

There are many reasons for a sleep divorce. For example, one partner may go to sleep at 9 pm, and the other goes to sleep at 12 am, or one partner may like a cooler sleep environment with a fan running, and the other likes it warmer and silent. Or, one partner may snore incredibly loud (like a bear dying) that it's too unbearable (pun intended) to sleep together.

Origin of sleep divorce

It is unclear who coined the "sleep divorce" slang term, but the trend gained popularity in the early 2020s. You may encounter the term in person or online (like in relationship forums) when discussing couples' sleeping habits.


Jason was snoring so loudly last night. I got like 2 hours of sleep
You should really try a sleep divorce. it's worked wonders for our marriage cause we're so much better rested

Snoring is a common reason for sleep divorce

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Updated July 17, 2023

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