Sleep On

What does sleep on mean?


When you "sleep on" something, you overlook or underestimate it. For example, you might sleep on a gamer if you think you can easily beat them in a match.

The phrase comes from the idea that a person is so bored or underwhelmed by something that they could fall asleep. People may use the phrase in various contexts, but often it's utilized to lament how someone didn't pay something the proper attention it deserves.

People commonly use it in competition when a sports team or individual competitor overlooks a weaker opponent. This plays into the "David and Goliath" trope, and the offended party may yell "Don't sleep on me" after a triumph.

Another example is when a woman sleeps on a guy if she doesn't think he's attractive, but he's really a good catch. Or, your friend may sleep on a great movie when really he was just in a bad mood.


Don't sleep on me, man. I'll take you down!

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Updated January 4, 2022

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