What does sliving mean?

Living your best life

Sliving is the combination of "slay" and "living," which is when you are killin it in your personal and professional life. Paris Hilton coined the term, and it became popular in August 2021.

You will most likely see sliving on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok where people like to brag about their accomplishments. However, people also use it in texts and online messages when congratulating others.

An example of when you might receive it is when you share a pic of your new house on Instagram and your friend comments, "OMG, you're sliving, gurl!" Or, you might text your friend after she buys a new car, "Totes jelly, teach me about your sliving ways!"


Just heard about your promotion. You're sliving, congrats!
Paris Hilton sliving in paradise
Paris Hilton sliving in paradise

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Updated February 22, 2022

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