Understood The Assignment

What does it mean when someone understood the assignment?

Did an amazing job

When somebody understood the assignment, they gave it their all and did something incredible. For example, when a person designs an awesome outfit and looks stunning, they understood the assignment.

It's unclear who coined the phrase, but it became popular in September 2021 to remark about fantastic things that people did. The phrase plays off how excellent students or employees understand assignments in school or the workplace really well and subsequently produce stellar work.

An example of when you might use the phrase is when a pro golfer beats the rest of the field so badly he makes them look like amateurs. Or, a kid in a school play outperforms his classmates, becoming the star.


Miguel slayed at the club last night.
Yeah, he definitely understood the assignment.
Tweet about a musician that understood the assignment

Tweet about a musician that understood the assignment

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Updated February 21, 2022

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