What does snapback mean?

The quickness a woman's body snaps back after a pregnancy

Snapback is the time in which a woman's body "snaps back" to pre-pregnancy shape after having a baby. It is a common trend on social media where influencers post images of their bodies shortly after giving birth.

The snapback trend became prominent on Instagram in 2018 as female celebrities and influencers posted pics of themselves in crop tops, tight-fitting clothes, or even in swimsuits. Their posts were primarily meant to encourage followers that they could get back to their pre-baby weight but they are mostly received as self-indulgent bragging.

The snapback posts created "snapback culture," where women feel pressure to have their bodies appear "normal" soon after pregnancy. This is an unrealistic expectation since women's bodies react differently to pregnancies and most women do not have the same amount of time and money to focus on their bodies as celebrities and influencers.


After my first, I had some stretch marks but the snapback was relatively quick. But the snapback still hasn't happened after my second
Snapback tweet
Snapback tweet

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Updated October 19, 2021

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