Snatched My Weave

What does snatched my weave mean?

Impressed me

Snatched my weave is a way to say that someone or something impressed you. It describes being the feeling of being surprised by how impressed you are, much like a woman is surprised when someone snatches a weave off her head.

Weave snatching is usually a negative action because it involves ripping a woman's wig from her head and is usually done in the middle of a fight. However, "snatched my weave" is used to describe a positive feeling, much like the older "knocked my socks off" (KMSO) term . The term rose to popularity in late 2015 and grew in 2016. It is also seen as "weave snatched".


He snatched my weave with his magic tricks
Yeah he was really good!

The surprised feeling when someone snatches your weave

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Updated January 3, 2017

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