What is legit short for?


Something that is legit is authentic and/or awesome. You may encounter this shortened form of "legitimate" in text, chat, social media, or forum messages when someone is endorsing a person, place, or item.

For example, while discussing a new taco place that opened near you, your friend David might say "It's legit, bro! The beef is so well-seasoned, and they have lengua." This means David thinks the new taco place is doing things right.

People may also use legit as shorthand when stating that something is true. For example, if you ask your brother whether a picture of your mother kissing Santa Claus is real, he may respond "It's legit."


Have you tried hot yoga? It's legit, dawg. Best workout I've had in years

TMW you encounter something legit

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Updated May 2, 2023

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