What show does SNL stand for?

Saturday Night Live

SNL is a long-running sketch comedy show created by Lorne Michaels (debuted in 1975) that airs live on Saturday nights. The show typically consists of a celebrity host who appears in most of the sketches, supporting actors, and a musical guest who performs multiple songs throughout the show.

While the show is officially known as "Saturday Night Live," most people call it "SNL" in person and online because of its brevity. For example, your friend may text you, "timothee is gonna host snl this week. eek!!"

Throughout its run, the show has launched the careers of many famous comedians and actors. Some notable cast members include:

  • John Belushi - 1975-79
  • Bill Murray - 1977-80
  • Eddie Murphy - 1980-84
  • Dana Carvey - 1986-93
  • Chris Farley - 1990-95
  • Adam Sandler - 1991-95
  • Will Ferrell - 1995-2002
  • Bill Hader - 2005-13
  • Kate McKinnon - 2012-22
  • Kristen Wiig - 2005-12


did u catch the episode of snl this weekend?
no. :/
u gotta watch it. its hilarious!!
SNL Reddit post
SNL Reddit post

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Updated January 29, 2024

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